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Heraeus Heating and Drying Oven, Model NTU60/90, 11kw, 250°C

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Internal Size (WxDxH mm) [?]
560 x 650 x 875 mm
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Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
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1000 x 1000 x 1925 mm
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Heraeus Votsch NTU 60/90 heating and Drying Ovens are ideally suited for production and research and are found in various types of industry including electronics, automotive, plastics, metal working and chemical processing.

Heraeus have proven that even tried and reliable technologies can be further developed to reach a greater standard of perfection. The ovens are supplied with a working chamber of 570 x 650 x 875 mm and a nominal temperature range of 250°C.

These robust drying ovens are suitable for a variety of heating and drying processes in production and research. The reliable module construction and the extensive range of accessories available allow them to be employed for a variety of applications.

Originally employed for the stoving of lacquers and was removed from a working environment. 

Process characteristics:

  • Short process duration due to the effects of the high volume of recirculating air
  • Short recovery time due to automatic switch-off of heating and circulating air fan when door is opened
  • Homogenous temperature distribution, thanks to directed air ductwork
  • Application-orientated horizontal air ductwork,

Production characteristics:

  • Economical and environmentally friendly, thanks to the enhanced thermal insulation
  • Optimum thermal separation of inner and outer casing
  • Minimum loss of energy and effective operator protection when coating, thanks to the heating and circulating fan being switched off

High degree of safety:

  • Low external wall temperatures
  • Standard temperature selection limiter 
  • 'Cold' heating connection
  • Service and maintenance friendly
  • All heating and drying ovens comply with EMC guidelines

Drying Combustible Solvents

 Processes which involve drying of surface coatings, mould and impregnated resin varnishes can lead to the air being enriched by released substances (e.g. solvents), forming an explosive compound. If a source of combustion is present at the same time it can lead to an explosion.

Play it Safe at all Times

The NTU series from Heraeus ovens enables you to safely control your heating and drying processes by limiting the quantity of solvent involved. The  VTU Chamber Drying Ovens comply with the extended safety requirements of EN 1539. A circulating air fan with an improved performance ensures that a thorough mixture is achieved, thus preventing enrichment through solvent concentrations.

A defined volume of hot air is continually conveyed outwards through the exhaust air fan and replaced with fresh air (dilution principle), thus preventing the formation of potentially explosive compounds without the need for flimsy explosion relief panels.  

The circulation air volumes are monitored. Flow monitors switch off the heating immediately and permanently in the case of malfunctions.

All the terminal connections of the individual components are welded in the inner casing to prevent the ingress of solvents into the thermal insulation and the resulting enrichment. The permissible quantity of combustible substances depends mainly on the field of application of the drying oven. 

Heraues NTU Heating and Drying Ovens are equipped with self-monitoring, Omron EC5 digital measuring and control system and process timer.


Drying oven,   NTU 60/90 

Year: 1995

Temp: 250°C 

Rated power: 11 kW 

400 V

Dimensions:  560 x 650 x 875 mm

Pictured below are a few examples of the stock we currently hold.

pdf icon Print / Download Heraeus Heating and Drying Oven, Model NTU60/90, 11kw, 250°C Datasheet

Photographs taken prior refurbishment. Our refurbishment service is not available on all machines.