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Ipsen DAC-6-ER Bright Tempering Furnace

Stock No
DAC - 6 - ER
Year of Manufacture
New or Used
Used (Second Hand)
Internal Size (WxDxH mm)
610 x 910 x 760 mm
Max Temp
Other Info
Atmosphere furnace with cooling
Stored for convenience of sale, Aldridge, West Midlands
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
1850 x 2250 x 2950mm


 Ipsen DAC - 6 - ER electric bright tempering furnace

A Ipsen DAC - 6 - ER electric bright tempering furnace rated at 40kw with a fast cool facility and a max operating temperature of 750°C.

Suitable for use with protective atmospheres, with an internal charge size of 610 x 910 x 760 mm high

(suitable for integration into a TQ4 - TQ6 Sealed Quench line)

Typical Processes:-

Gas Nitriding ( in N2+ NH3+ LPG/Co)2,


Stress realiving & Preheating in N2 atmosphere

Controls:- PLC based with SCADA

Heating:- 40kW Thyristor controlled

Cooling:- under Protective Atmosphere with forced gas cooling


Preheating, Nitriding, Cooling in same chamber in the controlled atmosphere, uniform distribution of gas and heat inside the chamber, less distortion of components compared to liquid Nitriding, clean process, clean surface of products

Batch Furnace Systems

 Atmosphere batch type furnaces built by Ipsen have a modular design and are made of standardized sub-assemblies. The furnace casing consists of a fabricated heavy steel plate structure. The light-weight refractory lining inside the furnace is designed for temperatures well above the working temperature and has an extremely long service life.

Ipsen incorporates a muffle to optimize the performance of all heat treating processes.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Even heat transfer over the entire workload
  • Muffle provides shielding of the charge from direct heat radiation
  • The furnace atmosphere is recirculated throughout the entire heating chamber
  • Inbuilt gas cooling
  • Modular construction for faster installation and start-up time

Other design features include:

  • Maintenance-friendly, tight-closing door systems
  • Easy replacement of the SiC muffle by a tongue and groove system
  • Charge transfer on trays without special skids or roller rails
  • Air-cooled plug type fans for low maintenance


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