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Walther Trowal THM 300 - 2 Loop Belt Shot Blast

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Walther Trowal
THM 300 - 2
Year of Manufacture
Work Envelope (WxDxH mm) [?]
Ø300 x 1600 mm
Work Handling Method
Auto blast processing
Other Info
Ex Rolls Royce Machine
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm) [?]
4500 x 1400 x 2350 mm


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The THM 300 - 2 belt machine, is a universal continuous blast parts machines, which provide optimum processing results for bulk parts as well as for complex, delicate individual work pieces. Most frequently, they replace conventional type belt and suspension track machines due to simplified parts handling and better shot blasting results

By means of the toughened belt transport system, the work pieces are gently transported uniformly through the machine and blasted. The advance movement is carried out by circulating the work pieces continuously in both a longitudinal and rotary motion exposing all the facets of the component to the blast stream.


The patented transport system guarantees a gentle and uniform movement of the parts through the machine without impingement. Perfect blast results. The continuous rotation of the work combined with a thorough blasting pattern produces a uniform blast process with surfaces achieving the highest quality available. The THM also permits the blasting of thin and delicate work pieces.


The small distance of the blast stream towards the parts to be blasted, guarantees the optimum utilisation of the available blast energy. Compared with other shot blast machines, in general, a finer blast media can also be used to achieve the same results.


Considering high diversity of parts that can be processed and the excellent blast results, THM machines offer an amazing throughput i.e. bulk parts made of aluminium or zinc: 2 - 4 euro boxes per hour i.e. forged steel parts: up to 6 tons per hour. 


The THM transport system can easily be pulled out of the machine housing on rails. This allows easy access to all areas of critical wear. Maintenance work, in conventional shotblast machines, may take several days. The same maintenance work can be completed in the THM in a matter of a few hours!


The rods forming the "U" shaped belt in the blast chamber are made from polyurethane.  Polyurethane being ideal for the gentle transportation of delicate and intricate parts like diecastings and machined parts


To provide the blast pressure the system is equipped with a free standing blast generator and reverse pulse dust collector. This allows for the continuous operation of the blast machine whilst maintaining the integrity of the media by removing both the spent media and debris that the machine generates. The blast generator will also automatically monitor the blast media and replenish it to the system as it is required. 

Inbuilt features of the blast generator:

- Remote pressure regulation at the operator position for easy adjustment
- Reverse jet dust collector with clean side filter change
- Adjustable abrasive feed control                                                                                                                      
- Sophisticated cyclone for efficient and adjustable abrasive separation                                                             - Media storage hopper with auto replenish
- Vibrating screen for removal of oversize debris
- Magnetic separator for removal of ferrous contaminants when used with non ferrous abrasive

 THM 300 Technical details

Working tunnel

Diameter (mm) 300

Side infeed chamber

Length blast chamber  (mm) 1.600

Length shakeout chamber (mm) 1.400

Number of rods (pc) 43

Blast Guns

Quantity (pc) 8

Drive direct

Adjustable rpm Frequency inverter

Smallest work piece size

Measure diagonally(mm) 25

Minimum thickness (mm) 3

Biggest work piece size 200

Diameter (mm) 100

Air volume dust collector (Bm³/h) 2.500

Total installed power (kVA) 28


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