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Baltimore Aircoil Company VXI-145-2R F100 Cooling Tower

Stock No
Baltimore Aircoil Company
VXI-145-2R TYPE - BAC F100
Year of Manufacture
Ave. cooling capacity
1135 KW @ 25.96 l/s H20 + 20% EG
Ave. Water Flow Rate
38.5 l/s
Other Info
Loading fee £850
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
Dry = 7280Kg Operating = 11460
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
2.397 x 5.385 x 4.013


A used BAC VXI-145-2R F100 Closed Circuit Process Cooling Tower from world leaders in their field, Baltimore Aircoil Company.

Reliable, Quiet, Compact.


Since the 70s thousands of Baltimore VXI Closed Circuit Cooling units have been installed globally. Fans, motors & the V belt drive system are located in the dry air, thereby preventing moisture & condensation & with no external moving parts, they can withstand the most hostile of operating environments.


VXI closed circuit cooling towers include quiet internal centrifugal fans for minimal surrounding noise and with the single-side air inlet a quieter rear tower is produced for more noise sensitive areas. Even in the unlikely event that this VXI is outside the maximum permissible noise level, there are a range of factory designed and tested sound attenuators.


Compact designs, for confined spaces are a feature of VXI cooling towers and the single sided air inlet allows installation indoors, next to solid walls, thanks to centrifugal fans allowing intake or discharge to ductwork

This particular part used BAC VXI-145-2R F100 closed circuit cooling tower was used initially in the process cooling stage of a specialist Anodizing process treatment, at this world class facility,but is now decommissioned, disinfected and ready to be put to re-use, either back into the same industry or used elsewhere in thousands of other process cooling applications.This second hand BAC F100 VXI-145-2R is a superb example from the industry leaders.

This expertly designed and engineered part used BAC-F100-VXI-145-2R cooling tower was commissioned in 2007 as part of a major overhaul to the process plant and support equipment and then mothballed in 2009,when the decision was taken to cease production.

A full suite of OEM Technical files,some specific to this second hand closed circuit cooling tower will be made available with the sale of this part used BAC cooling tower, as well as the convenience of it being available in the disconnected, disinfected condition & fully supported by Baltairco,the UK agents for Sales & Service (01895-439356).

Additional features included in the sale of this used BAC F100 VX1-145-2R cooling tower is an Aquatrac Dosing Unit , 2 off 3KW sump heaters, capable of operating to -14 Deg C, a bespoke access ladder and gantry walkway for ease of maintenance and 12 drift eliminators.

C/Flow, Forced Draft, Cent Fan
38°C - 27°C @ 18 Deg°C Wet Bulb
Fluid - Water + 20% EG
Design Duty - 1135 KW
Air Flow - 38.6 m³/s Fan Motor - 1 x 37KW
Sump Heater Package 2 x 3KW specially rated to -14 Deg C
Baltibond Corrosion Protection System

Access Ladder & Gantry walk

pdf icon Print / Download Baltimore Aircoil Company VXI-145-2R F100 Cooling Tower Datasheet

Photographs taken prior refurbishment. Our refurbishment service is not available on all machines.