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Plymovent Model EFO 3000 extraction unit

Used / Second Hand

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EFO 3000
New or Used
Used (Second Hand)
Approx Duty CFM / M³/Hr
850 // 1500
Filter Area ft² / m²
170 / 16.4
Other Info
Oil, fume and smoke extractor
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
505 x 750 x 1415mm high


The EFO units are equipped with robust electrostatic cells of industrial quality. They have an extremely long life and require no maintenance.

The cells seldom need cleaning as the oil and smoke debris flows straight down into the oil collecting sump. The cleaned air is recirculated into the premises with no heat loss and the collected oil can be re-used.

PlymoVent electrostatic oilmist filters can be connected to central duct systems with flexible at source extraction arms, or to fixed installations direct to machinery, so called ”process ventilation”. The units can also be free-hanging to circulate the air in the premises and reduce the total concentration of pollution.

Two reasons for using electrostatic collectors

1. They separate particles down to 0.005 micron (0.000005 mm) and thus separate a great deal of the oil-steam
in the air which otherwise would be an extremely serious health risk to personnel. ( Centrifugal separation of mechanical filtration seldom collect particles smaller than 1.0micron (0.001mm)).

2. The filter cells do not need to be replaced, they can be washed and reused many times over for years of trouble free service.

To minimise maintenance, PlymoVent’s EFOs are designed and constructed so that only the smallest particles reach the electrostatic cells. The larger particles are already separated in the expansion chamber and in
PlymoVent Electrostatic Oilmist Filter EFO

The design includes:

• Three stages of mechanical filtration
• Two stages of electrostatic filtration
• Unique design of the cells which permits us to handle emulsions with up to 95% water.
• 1.1kW FUA 1800 fan set

Overall dimensions 505 x 750 x 1415mm high
weight 118kG

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Photographs taken prior refurbishment. Our refurbishment service is not available on all machines.