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Kerry ( Guyson International ) Microsolve M250E with Autotrans

Stock No
Kerry ( Guyson International )
Microsolve M250E
Year of Manufacture
New or Used
Used (Second Hand)
Work Envelope (WxDxH mm)
200 x 250 x 250mm
Process Stages
2 Stage, Ultrasonic, vapour phase dry
Other Info
Modern low emmission solvent degreaser
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
1410 x 950 x 1180 (+ autotrans 2450mm)


The Microsolve M250E ultrasonic precision cleaning system attains the highest cleaning standards, yet keeps running costs surprisingly low.

Microsolve Mono-Solvent two-stage systems provide ultrasonic cleaning using HFE (hydrofluoroether) or HFC (hydrofluoro-carbon) solvents, followed by vapour rinsing and freeboard dry.

Typical applications include the precision cleaning of bearings, gyro components and medical components; maintenance cleaning of pneumatic and hydraulic components; and, in electronics, flux removal from PCBs or from soldering jigs and fixtures.

The Microsolve can be used with a wide range of currently available solvents.

The system is integrated with a Kerry SA autotrans robotic handling system which both saves on solvent and offer consistant results.

The system is controlled through a Mitsubishi PLC with machine interface panel for user accessible timings and parameter changes.


The Guyson Microsolve Mono-Solvent systems provide ultrasonic cleaning followed by vapour rinsing and freeboard dry.

Guyson’s unique solvent retention features ensure economic as well as effective use of HFE
(hydrofluoroether) or HFC (hydrofluorocarbon) solvents.

Ultrasonic cleaning is carried out in the Stage 1 tank, which is fitted with base mounted ultrasonic transducers with Pulsatron generator, solution heating and a pumping and filtration system.

The second tank is electrically heated, allowing the solvent to boil. The resulting vapour rinses the components, which are then dried in the freeboard zone. Distilled solvent, condensed by the primary cooling coils, passes through a water separator with in-line heat exchanger and returns to the ultrasonic tank, displacing contaminated solvent into the boiling sump.

Distillation, together with filtration of the solvent, ensures that the ultrasonic tank is maintained at a controlled level of cleanliness

Stage I
Stainless steel tank with internal dimensions of 200 x 250 x 250mm deep
1000w Pulsatron MK2 ultrasonic immersion tank complete with heating, gravity water separating sieve, pumped filtration, 4 sided extraction lip and a sealing sliding lid.

Stage 2
Stainless steel tank with internal dimensions of 200 x 250 x 250mm deep
Vapour phase rinse and dry complete with immersion heaters, low level and contamination thermostats,

The machine is further enhanced with a double pass refrigerated cooling system that extends from the vapour condensing zone into the free board cooling area to minimise any solvent losses.

These units are designed to work with monosolvents solvents but can also be used with the other halogenated solvents such as Methylene Chloride. The special features of this Kerry system are triple coil reflux cooling, vapour break, 150% freeboard, and solvent monitoring.

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