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Hydrovane Model 1PUA 128 Rotary Vane Air Compressor

Lot ID
PUA 128
128 000 934 9510
110cfm / 18.5kW
Compressor Type
Rotary Vane
Other Info
Hours Run 7350992
Collective Auction
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
1880 x 850 x 975mm


This pre owned Hydrovane PU 128 horizontal open formant (unenclosed) fixed speed compressor is ideal for heavy duty applications, where reduced footprint and low noise levels are key specification criteria.

Basic operation of a rotary vane compressor

Air is drawn in through the intake valve, it is contained between the rotor and the stator wall, the air is compressed by decreasing volume and oil is continually injected to cool, seal and lubricate the compressor.

High pressure air passes into the primary oil separator were the oil returned into the compressor.
any remaining traces of oil are removed in a final separator element, providing high quality air.

Air flow is regulated by an inbuilt modulation system before It passes through an air-blast aftercooler, removing most of the condensate that is generated in the compression cycle.

Other advantages to this design of compressor include:

- The use of white metal bearings instead of roller bearings, ensuring long life. No replacements and reduced maintenance costs.
- Reduced power consumption and energy costs with the auto start pressure monitor system fitted.
- The Hydrovane range offer proven, simple and long-lasting technology with fewer moving parts, allowing up to 100,000+ operating hours being achieved with no expensive Air End change or refurbishment.
- Noise levels as low as 62 dB(A), even in an open formate
- Hydrovanes can be located at the point of use.
- Slow speed operation resulting in low noise, low stresses and long life.
- Hydrovane compressed air is clean, dry and pulse free straight from the outlet, with no receiver required as standard.
- Oil carryover (OCO) is typically less than 3 ppm. Less downstream equipment required.
- Direct drive, no gears and no belts mean fewer components to maintain, fail or replace, and no power loss maximising energy consumption.
- Intake modulation control with automatic regulation, the Hydrovane only compresses the air demanded by the system. No wasteful overproduction of air.
- Common replacement items such as air/oil separators and oil filters are all ‘spin-off /spin-on’*. Delivering quick, cost effective servicing, with minimal downtime.
- Solenoid control rapidly vents the internal pressure to 2 bar; reducing off-load power to as low as 20% as well as lowering the starting current*. Reducing energy consumption.

pdf icon Print / Download Hydrovane Model 1PUA 128 Rotary Vane Air Compressor Datasheet