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Vapormatt VaporMaster 1212 Barrel Cleaning And Wet Blasting Machine

Stock No
Vapormaster 1212
Year of Manufacture
New or Used
Used (Second Hand)
Work Envelope (WxDxH mm)
Barrel 700Ø x 400 deep
Work Handling Method
Rotary drum & manual facilty too.
Other Info
Process chamber 1150 x 1100 x 985 mm
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
2560 x 1560 x 3000


Vapormaster 1212

An automatic Siemens PLC controlled wet blast machine for the degreasing and cleaning of batched small parts and manually of singular larger components.

These can be in a range of materials, from different types of plastics to brass, copper and steel, and often include recessed areas or blind holes that can pose difficulties for some automated cleaning methods.

To ensure efficient processing of these smaller parts, ‘Vapormaster 1212’ wet abrasive blasting machine, degreases and cleans the parts in a single, automated, operation, on a batch basis.

A major advantage of the machine is its ability to process mixed batches of plastics and metal parts, without creating any surface damage. 

The parts are processed in a tumble barrel, with an aqueous degreasing solution and blast media applied by specially positioned processing nozzles.

During cleaning chemical dosing is automatic and includes clean hot water rinsing using further nozzles mounted in the blast array arm. 

The whole operation is self-contained, with the machine working on a closed-loop basis; process water is continuously filtered and waste material and debris is directed to a container for regular removal.

Other features of the Vapormaster 1212 include: an advanced pump/sump design which prevents blockages, even after prolonged shutdown; the use of long-life urethane components in areas subject to particular wear; low air consumption processing guns (1.2m3/min at 5.5bar/40cfm at 80psi); and a rigid steel chassis with inset non-corrosive grp panels to reduce noise.

The machine has been designed to minimise maintenance and includes an ‘hours run’ meter indicating necessary service intervals. The Vapormaster 1212 has a 1150mm x 1100mm x 985mm processing


  • Aluminium castings
  • Aerospace components
  • Re-manufacturing of small parts
  • Composites dressing
  • Automotive cleaning and surface prepartation

The Benefits

  • Ergonomic design for comfortable processing
  • Highly bespoke with a range of options to suit your needs and processing requirements
  • Consistent processing by giving you control of both cleaning and blasting parameters
  • Easy automated rinsing with mains fed rinse gun attached to the cabinet
  • Concurrent Degreasing and Blasting 
  • Highly Controllable Surface Finishes 
  • No Dust 
  • No Surface Damage

VaporMaster process details

Vapormatting uses water and an abrasive medium, accelerated from a nozzle by compressed air, to provide a very effective and environmentally friendly ‘closed-loop’ and controllable surface finishing, cleaning and conditioning process. Many different surface finishes can be produced.

The process can operate with all common blasting media's including aluminium oxide, glass bead, silicon carbide, ceramic and stainless steel shot and plastic media.

Media size can range from very coarse to ultra fine, typically from 16 to 1200 mesh.

Bio-degradable degreasing agents can be added and the water can be heated, further extending the capability of the process and enabling parts to be degreased and cleaned in a single operation. Corrosion inhibitors can be utilised to protect the surface after cleaning.

Advanced Design

Advanced cabinet construction technology incorporates the use of stainless steel, composites and moulded polymers to create a rugged, corrosion free, sound insulated cabinet. Patented sump designs allow low loading and working heights which eliminate the need for high operator work platforms.

Specialised agitation systems prevent slurry system blockages even after prolonged shut downs.

High efficiency pump and blast guns maximise processing speed & effectiveness whilst optimising energy use.

Ergonomics and Operator Safety

Machines are fitted with safety glass windows, door safety interlocks, ergonomic foot switch controls, cushioned arm holes and have low loading heights.

Easy Maintenance

Machines are provided with:

• Long life polyurethane pumps that can be speedily and easily removed without the need to drain the sump.

• Long life VSPS slurry pipe work, which can be disconnected without tools.

• Long life polyurethane blast guns fitted with replaceable ceramic nozzles.

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