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NEW! Riley AirTech shot blast media vacuum recovery system


Riley Surface World has launched the new AirTech vacuum media recovery system for manual shot blasting. It will be part of the company’s growing portfolio of new surface engineering products, complementing its huge stocks of used plant and machinery.

Pressure pot shot blasting results in a lot of media all over the floor. Naturally, you can sweep it up and put it in a bag, but when you’re using tonnes of media and it’s a large area over a great distance, then it helps to have an industrial size vacuum system. Couple this with a receptacle and you have the means of either re-using the media or disposing of it easily.

The new Riley AirTech vacuum recovery system consists of a sink tube that sits in the blast room floor, an abrasive knockout silo, an air operated vacuum generator and a twin cartridge reverse pulse filter unit. It has twice the filter area of ordinary vacuum recovery systems.

The system features

• Heavy duty steel frame and construction
• Twin oversize particle sieves
• Sacrificial exchangeable blast plate to prevent wear and tear to the hopper unit
• Hi efficiency pneumatic vacuum generation
• Automatic reverse pulse filter cartridge cleaning system
• Quiet operation
• Recovers media from up to 30 metres away

The new Riley AirTech vacuum recovery system should be used in conjunction with:

Riley AirTech container shot blast rooms

Riley AirTech container shot blast rooms are a robust, energy-efficient and low cost solution for all forms of enclosed, free-standing shot blasting operations.

Applications include vehicle chassis remanufacturing, small scale workshop manufacturing and the pre-treatment of many types of products before surface finishing, powder coating or painting.

The unit structure is based on a standard ‘one journey’ 6 metres (20 feet) shipping container that has been fully equipped for use as a working shot blast enclosure.

Main features include:

• 3 mm thick steel floor
• Rubber lined walls
• Impact resistant lighting
• Personnel door
• Loading doors
• Dust extraction system

Contracor Pressure Pot Abrasive Blasting Systems

Riley Surface World is the exclusive UK distributor for the German-made Contracor range of pressure pot shot blasting systems and accessories

The system includes 25, 50, 100 and 200 litre capacity pots with various options on the types of air control and media supply valves.

All the units come as standard fitted with a CAF 3 moisture separation trap for the protection of both the blast media and internal parts of the system, giving the units a long life, even when used with lower quality compressed air.

These Contracor units are also fully supported with a wide range of spares and accessories, including personal protective clothing, blast nozzles and associated equipment.

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