State of the Art Used Surface Testing, Analysis & Chilling Equipment

Fischerscope X-Ray System

Very high calibre non-destructive coating thickness measurement and analysing instrument using X-ray Fluorescence principals. Manufactured 1999.

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Trane High Efficiency Water Chiller

170 ton Helical-Rotary air cooled liquid chiller. 12 condenser fans, C1 A-Max/FLA 214amps, 132kw max. Twin compressors, twin circuit cooling. Shell and tube heat exchanger with 140 ltr water storing capacity. Manufactured 2001.

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Perkin Elmer Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

This type of equipment is widely used in the metal finishing trade for laboratory control of many surface finishing processes, plating chemical solutions and effluent treatment analysis. Manufactured 2006

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Hitachi Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

This state of the art instrument is in excellent condition and ready to work and can be used to analyse up to 62 different metals in solution. Manufactured 1997.

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