Riley Surface world is able to offer a direct from factory clearance of a complete Electro Polishing Cell
Clearance of complete facility due to reorganisation

Formerly in use at a world class precision valve manufacturer. Comprising: Deburring, Electro-polishing line, Dunk wash, Abrasive flow, Ultrasonic clean

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Guyson International Kerry - Microclean PE 525-4 USC With MK4 Autotrans

Cleaning system that suits a wide range of cleaning needs in aerospace, electronics and other industries. Closed loop high purity deionised water rinsing provides organic and ionic cleanliness.

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Anopol Automated Electro Polishing line

A second hand Delmet (Anopol) Automated and fully enclosed electropolishing line complete with a computerised CMP controlled operating system.

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Dynetics Dynaflow Process AFM Abrasive Flow Machine

Abrasive flow machinery to deburr, polish, radius, and remove recast layers of critical components in aerospace, automotive, electronic and die-making industries

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