Tender auction of large, multi-process electroplating facility, Ireland. Over 500 lots, including process tanks, rectifiers, filter pumps, raw and waste water recycling, chemical storage and much more!
    58 Delta process tanks

This substantial, German-manufactured, Delta GmbH multi-process electroplating line includes 58 fully equipped process tanks that can be re-configured to suit a large number of plating applications.

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    13 Delta transporters

Delta GmbH, Germany's premier electroplating manufacturer produced these high quality, fully automatic transportation systems, which are now available individually for electroplating or other types of continuous production

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    85 Munk DC rectifiers

Munk is Germany's leading manufacturer of DC rectifiers for electroplating and other metal coating processes. This auction includes a large number of these well-maintained power supplies for incorporation into any process line.

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    40 Mefiag filter pumps

Mefiag is a manufacturer that is synonymous with state-of-the-art filter pumps and recovery systems for electroplating and coating processes. This is a rare opportunity to acquire multiple numbers of these high quality units

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