Disposal of Delta GmbH precious metal plating line, effluent treatment plants and other ancillaries from Andersen Ireland, a global manufacturer of costume jewellery, due to restructuring of their facilities

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    Delta GmbH precious metal electroplating line

A fully automated plant with 99 stations and a dryer. Configured in four parallel lines to minimise the overall length and optimise the footprint. Each line is connected by mobile cross transfer spray rinse tanks.

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    De ionised water plant

The raw water de ionisation plant has a capacity to produce water to a quality of 5 μSiemens.It generates Ultra Pure water through a mixed bed resin. When one Cation/Anion stream is in service the second line is ready to take over.

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    Batch waste water treatment plant

The contaminated waste process rinse water and concentrated wastes are collected from the electrolytic plating lines by gravity flow along separately collection streams to a series of 1500 lit PE sumps underneath the walkway in Line 1.

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    Sludge dewatering plant

The treated waste from the batch reactors are discharged to a 10 000 lit PE Sludge Settlement Tank to allow the flocculated sludge to settle where the clear liquid is pumped off to final discharge line via mixed bed ion exchange resin.

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