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Oakcliffe Rotajet D30 front loading component spray wash

Front loading component spray wash unit with pneumatic door. Complete with carrier 750 x 750 x 450mm high and rotating boom that sprays heated detergent to top and sides of basket and also the base. Manufactured 1997

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Guyson Marr Orbit 800 Spray Wash System with Rotary Work Carrier

Basket size 800mm dia x 100mm high. 360 spray boom to base top and sides. Electric solution heating and filtration, complete with oil disc skimmer. Manufactured 2000.

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Vixen Wash Cabinet

Stainless steel wash cabinet with pneumatic door. Hand operated using hot detergent. Self contained, electrically heated sump with digital temperature control, filtered solution, high pressure pump, hand held spray gun.

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Waterisation Rotaclean 600 top loading basket stainless steel wash plant

Includes: electrically heated self contained solution sump, process timer mounted inside the control panel and electrical door safety interlock to prevent the opening of the lid whilst in operation.

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