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Rainford Anechoic EMC Test Chamber

Stock No
Anechoic EMC chamber
New or Used
Used (Second Hand)
Work Envelope (WxDxH mm)
5000 x 2900 x 2400
Other Info
electromagnetic RF testing
Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, UK
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
4500 x 10,000 x 3700


The Rainford anechoic EMC chamber is a specially designed room to completely absorb reflections of sound and electromagnetic waves. It is insulated from exterior sources of noise. The combination of both aspects means they simulate a quiet open-space of infinite dimension, which is useful when exterior influences would otherwise give false results.

These testing facilities are few and far between and for subcontracting facilities the waiting time for chamber time is usually measured in months. This demountable chamber is fully equipped and ready to go, making this an ideal stand alone business opportunity or a perfect fit for a manufacturing or educational facility wishing to bring this service in house.

The Anechoic chamber, is designed to reduce reflection and external noise in radio frequencies to test antennas, radars, or electromagnetic interference. Suitable for tests including antenna and EMC measurement and testing as well as RF and EMP shielding

The modular shielding and precision cut and coated absorbers are designed with the flexibility to meet specific requirements for these tests.

The anechoic chamber has usable internal dimension of (W x D x H ) 5000 x 2900 x 2400 mm with an access door measuring 1000 x 2100 mm. At the end of the chamber is a separate operator room were the test equipment is stored and the testing can be monitored. The operator room has internal dimensions of (W x D x H ) 2500 x 2500 x 2500.

The test installation comes with the room includes:

  • Inritsu Spectrum Analyzer MS2601A
  • Haefely P90.1 Control unit with Peft junior Burst tester
  • Rohde & Schwarz EMI test receiver 9 - 30 MHz ESHS 10
  • Rohde & Schwarz EMI test receiver 20 - 1000 MHz ESVS 10
  • AR Amplifier Reasearch Model 75A250 75 watt 10kHz  - 250MHz RF Power Amplifier
  • AR Amplifier Reasearch Model 30W1000M7 30 watt 25  - 250MHz RF Power Amplifier
  • AR Amplifier Reasearch Model 30W1000M7 10 watt 1000MHz RF Power Amplifier
  • MEB Absorptionsmebzange AMZ 41 30 - 1000 MHz radio interference absorbing clamp  
  • Roseei Diester RFID Reader
  • Combined 150MHz Frequency Counter & Function Generator with AM/FM Modulation
  • Wayne Kerr WK PSG1000B Synthesized Modulated Signal generator 10kHz - 1GHZ
  • MFJ - 949E Antenna tuner 300W, 1.8-30 MHZ, with peak cross meter, DL,
  • Hewland Packard EPM 441A Power meter
  • Inritsu Tracking generator MH680A1
  • AR Amplifier Reasearch Model FM 2000 Isotropic field monitor
  • Hewland Packard 8647A 250kHz - 1000 MHz signal generator
  • Wayne Kerr WK LSN09030A Line impedance stabilisation network 9kHz - 30MHz 
  • Rohde & Schwarz ESH3 - Z5 . 831.5518.52 Two line V network tester
  • Various antennas and aerials
  • Various mounting frames and tripods
  • Various test and coupling leads 
  • Various ancillaries as seen 

pdf icon Print / Download Rainford Anechoic EMC Test Chamber Datasheet

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