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Ozone Generator

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£ 300 (+ VAT)
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08 May 2017 14:00 GMT while stocks last
Part of a Direct Site Clearance
Pera Technology - Phase 1
Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, UK
Stock No
QJ 8015K 200A
New or Used
Used (Second Hand)
Other Info
200 g/h output
Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, UK
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
600 x 500 x 1430


This is an advanced process device for generating ozone efficiently and of a high quality.

What is ozone?                                 

  Ozone is one of the most powerful oxidants available, destroying bacteria,viruses, mold,formaldehyde,and mildew in the air, water and diverse applications almost instantly and more efficiently than any other technology.

Ozone’s molecular structure has three oxygen atoms (O3).

Ozone destroys pathogens and odors by an oxidation process: one of the three oxygen atoms reacts and splits from the ozone molecule to oxidize matter with inherent oxidation demand. In so doing, the ozone molecule is transformed into oxygen.

Any excess ozone is stable for a short time before decomposing back into oxygen. The most common ozone applications include air and water purification as well as applications where ozone can fully or partially replace disinfectants. what is more, as opposed to most chemicals,  ozone is safe to use

Ozone can be used for a range of uses,  such as the removal of fumes, odours, smells and contamination from such areas and processes such as:

  • machinery
  • work cells,
  • kitchens,
  • toilets,
  • restaurants
  • hostpital rooms
  • Smoking areas

Ozone can decompose air impurities for these areas efficiently and effectively! 
Polluted substance decomposition:
Ozone kills various bacteria effectively,, keeping organic matter, food and vegetables fresh, and offering corrosion preservation.


  1.  Technology corona discharge ozone generator, with high ozone concentration and longlife elements
  2.  Auto timer: 0 - 120mins or continuous working 
  3.  Pleasing astetic design with fully stainless steel external case
  4.  Easy operation: with only ozone system switch and air pump switch to operate
  5.  Compact design making  it easy to site and manoeuvre 


  1.  Food and beverage industry: workshop, sterile room, changing rooms, warehouse and production equipment, HACCP standard air purification and sterilization
  2.  Cold sterilization, vegetables and fruit processing, storage and mildew preservation, mushroom industry, the cosmetics industry
  3.  Drinking water, bottled water system, packing processing sterilization and purification areas
  4.  Public place: file management, libraries, hotels, restaurants, beauty salons pipe, entertainment, toilets and enterprises and family indoor air purification and sterilization





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