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CC Hydrosonics Sensotronic AVD 500 TA

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26 April 2017 15:00 GMT while stocks last
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CC Hydrosonic Sensotronic AVD 500 TA
Whitstable, Kent. UK
Stock No
CC Hydrosonics
AVD 500 TA
Year of Manufacture
New or Used
Used (Second Hand)
Work Envelope (WxDxH mm)
580 x 270 x 250
Process Stages
Multi. 2 stage + USC immersion & vapour
Other Info
Fully programmable
Whitstable, Kent. UK
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
3800 x 1600 x 3230


The Sensotronic AVD500TA is a Twin Sump Immersion Solvent Cleaning  System to incorporate the technical capability of running most Non‐Flammable Solvents, via simple temperature adjustment.

This obviously opens up a huge potential market, not only in the Electronics Industry but any Precision Cleaning Application where a Solvent Process is deemed necessary.

Its unique Patented Design maximizes output efficiency whilst minimizing Energy and Solvent Emissions.

Specific Safety Features:

  • Low Level Safety Solvent Sensors
  • High Sump Contamination Indication
  • Four Sided Condensing Coils
  • Proline3  Electronic Vapor Control System
  • 150% Freeboard Area
  • High Vapor Level Safety Cut‐Out Device
  • Four Sided Lip Extract System
  • Sliding Lids with Soft Nose Seals

Solvent Vapour liquid offers a quick efficient method of removing oil, tar, grease and insoluble solids from all types of machined and fabricated parts.

This unit has two compressors and three sets of cooling coils with extraction on the load and unload.

Suitable for use with Novec (HFE Fluids) or HFC, can be modified to run on Methylene Chloride. 

Solvent Cycle

The solvent is heated in the vapour generator sump of the tank. The vapour which is formed is approximately 4 times as heavy as air and therefore, tends to stay in the tank and in all respects acts as a liquid

Cleaning cycle

The work which is at air temperature loaded in baskets or as individual pieces is placed into the vapour. 
as the parts are cooler than the temperature of the vapour, this condenses to liquid solvent on the surface of the parts, flushing them into the sump of the tank. In removing the latent heat from the vapour to convert back to the solvent, the parts absorb heat increasing their own temperature.

The next stage of the cycle is to lift the parts into the vapour area. Vapour will once more condense to liquid solvent, flushing the surface of the parts to give a final clean and as the parts heat up to the temperature of the vapour, they can be removed through the vapour air interface and will appear to "flash dry"

Water separator

Is a gravity separator type and relies on the difference in specific gravity between water and chlorinated solvent. Water being lighter floats on the surface. The cooling of the solvent releases water which may be in solution and this floats as small water particles to the surface. These coalesce into large bubbles and the whole surface over the period becomes covered with a film of water. This increase over a period time until it can be removed using the valve fitted on the side of the separator.

Air Extraction System

Rigid or flexible ducting should be connected to the extractor fan and must vent directly to atmosphere. To reduce noise, a flexible coupling between fan and ducting is desirable.

Martin Walter - Ultraschalltechnik AG - Powersonic MW500GPI - Ultrasonic Generator Module

500 watt, 40kHz
The Powersonic generators for immersible or plate type transducers automatically provide constant HF output power to the transducer. The Output power is independent form changing conditions, such as liquid level, temperature variations, viscosity changes of the liquid or varying loads in the tank. This feature is essential for continued optimum and repeatable cleaning results.

Martin Walter - Ultraschalltechnik AG - Powersonic MW500GPI - Push-Pull Transducer

500 watt, 40kHz
The Powersonic push-pull transducers offer and even more sophisticated control. This includes for example, dry running detection and protection for use in low pressure or vacuum applications. This is achieved by a built in ,combined output power and amplitude control which automatically adopts the relevant control features depending on the conditions to which the transducer is exposed.

Included items.

  • 12 Standard Baskets / With Rotation - 500mm wide, 650mm circumference, 20.69mm Ø
  • 4 Open Top Baskets.
  • Conveyors.
  • Rear Extractor Unit.

 ** Original operating manual and service history also included  **

Solvent Help and Advice

Riley Surface World prides itself on the partnerships it builds with customers and suppliers. 
Our partner, Mark Duggan at Acota has offered to support buyers of this machine with solvent and process.

If you have any questions please contact Helen Wilkinson, Riley Surface World, on 01922 45 8000.


pdf icon Print / Download CC Hydrosonics Sensotronic AVD 500 TA Datasheet

Additional files

External Dimensions

Rotational Baskets

Open top baskets

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