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Wheelabrator Vacublast VB11811 Special Shot Peening Plant

Direct From Site Clearance

Direct Site Clearance Price [?]
£ 24,950 (+ VAT)
Clearance ends
14 April 2017 15:00 GMT while stocks last
Part of a Direct Site Clearance
ITP Engines
Lincoln, UK
Stock No
Year of Manufacture
New or Used
Used (Second Hand)
Work Envelope (WxDxH mm)
2500 x 2000 x 2500
Work Handling Method
Manual loading, Autoblast
Other Info
Twin grade media storage facility
Lincoln, UK


 This Vacu-Blast peening facility is encased in an acoustically lined enclosure, with power-driven turntable and secondary horizontal headstock, manual rework station, a four axis roof mounted nozzle manipulator, a Vacu-Blast power pack incorporating media size classification and vibratory media grading, dual grade media storage, a high performance dust collector and a fully programmable PC based control system. 

Processing takes place inside the enclosure with the components presented either directly to the rotary worktable or horizontally between headstocks for longer bar and tube type applications. 

The blast nozzle mounted on the multi-axis manipulator moves across the work length of the chamber and with the combination of component rotation and manipulated nozzle path, it ensures that the full surface area of the component to be processed is accessible to the peening operation. 

The blast enclosure incorporates a Vacu-Blast waffle floor recovery system through which ventilating air and spent media are recovered and directed back to the power pack and waste management system. 

Discharged media falls to the Waffle floor in the base of the enclosure and by the ventilating air stream it is pneumatically and mechanically conveyed back to the power pack for cleaning, sorting, recycling and storing. The power pack is conveniently mounted next to the processing enclosure in order to reduce the overall floor space required by the plant.

A freestanding dust collector with a recovery fan on its clean side generates the ventilating and media recovery airflow. The dust collector structure incorporates an over pressure relief panel to release expanding gasses safely in the unlikely event of a sudden build-up of pressure within the structure.

Features include:

A PC based control system with VDU display, intuitive icon operation of primary machine functions and a hand held robotic positioning teach pendant.

This system offers unlimited storage of part programs which are written via an axis control unit with push button positioning acceptance of the (Z,X,A,C) robotic axis nozzle manipulation.

The plant incorporates a process enclosure with internal dimensions of 2500 x 2000 x 2500 mm, of sandwich construction walls containing an acoustic infill to control noise emissions. Doors are of similar construction to the walls.  An operating station is built into the front  wall to facilitate manual peening work, carried out as touch-up work, from an external position.

 A fully automatic four-axis manipulator unit mounted on the roof is employed to manipulate the peening nozzle in pre-programmed movements across the work surfaces. Components are loaded by an external jib hoist onto a powered trolley carrying an indexing turntable.

Peening of long shafts is catered for by a powered headstock built into a blister extension of the rear wall, with a removable, transferable tailstock

 A Vacu-Blast Waffle Floor assembly covers the full area of the floor of the enclosure. The purpose of this assembly is to recover, by means of a downflow of air, all expended media  as well as dust created in the peening work. The waffle floor hoppers are covered with steel grille floor plates to provide a level walking surface. A built-in runway across the floor  carries the turntable  trolley.

The power module, which is of a continuous cycling design, incorporates a reclaimer assembly and classification system to control shape and size of the peening media. The generator has a pressure feed vessel with a capacity of 120 litres, and a transfer tank with a capacity of 30 litres. Media is metered into the blast hoses by magna valves. A flow monitoring system ensures the quantity of media discharged remains within pre-set upper and lower limits, thus ensuring a consistent performance.

A free-standing dust collector and fan unit are linked to the power module by rectangular section ductwork.  The filters are cleaned automatically and continuously by reverse pulses  of compressed air. Explosion relief panels are fitted in the filter housing to vent away any build up of pressure and the fan exhaust is fitted with a noise attenuator.

Control of the plant is from a main control panel linked to remote panels at the load/unload station and external operating stations.

Machine specification data.

Air  Consumption

8 cu.m/min  of free air compressed  to  7   bar

Electrical Supply

380 volt 3 phase 50 Hz 4 wire  - suitable for  a  total  consumption  of  40 kw

Power Consumption

Fan Unit: 11.0    kw

Turntable Carriage: 1.5    kw

0.37 kw

Sieve  Vibrator Motor: 1.5    kw

Face Plate Motor: 0.37 kw


Two  Twin  40  watts  Fluorescent Units

Peening Nozzles

3/8ins bore  Con/Div Tungsten  Carbide

Recommended Media

Steel Shot     S070,   S110,   S170,  S230

Capacity of Media

Approx.   120 litres      (4  cu ft)

Weight of Media Charge

1250 kg

Feed System

Media Valves and Magna Valves with Flow Control

Recovery  System

Waffle  Floor  and Ducting  to  54  cu.m. Reclaimer

Control System

Blast Pressure Control

Dust Collector

Reverse Jet Type. 1600 cfm at 23" WG at Inlet. Explosion  Relief Panel.

Filter Elements

Part No   30126    3 off

Media Size Classifier

24"   Three Deck   Three  Screen  Vibratory  Sieve

Media Shape Classifier

Double Spiral  Chutes.   With  Acoustic Panels.

Nozzle Control

Four Axis Manipualtor

Minimum Recommended Compressed Air Line

38 mm  (1.1/2")  bore  for pipe  run up to  10  mtrs.

pdf icon Print / Download Wheelabrator Vacublast VB11811 Special Shot Peening Plant Datasheet

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