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Leiblein Gmbh Effluent Treatment Plant

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Leiblein Gmbh Effluent Treatment Plant 2012
Kilmarnock, Scotland, UK
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Effluent Treatment Plant with Lamella settlement
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Used (Second Hand)
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Modern heavy duty plant
Kilmarnock, Scotland, UK


 The effluent treatment plant  comprises  of the following equipment: 

  • Bunded concrete plinth - Not transferable
    • GRP Buffer/Storage  Tanks
    • 30m³ & 40m³ Lamella Settlement Tanks
    • GRP Emergency Storage Tank
  • U/T level equipment Supplied & installed by IES Ltd:
    • Three stage treatment tank
    • Agitators
    • Air diaphragm pumps
    • pH equipment
      • Control panel
      • Dosing pumps
      • Conductivity equipment
      • Turbidity equipment

 (See layout drawing J05132-0001)

The effluent plant comprises of the following main equipment along with a brief description of their functions.

♦ The plant has been industrially cleaned and partially dismantled for the convenience of sale - buyer inspection is strongly recommended to establish current remaining control equipment inclusions ♦

Collection Sump

The existing sump accepts the effluent from the factory via the internal drainage system. The sump is fitted with existing electric pumps connected to the buffer/storage tank. On reaching a set levels float switches stop/start the pumps automatically.

Buffer/Storage tank

The purpose of the storage/buffer tank is to absorb shift production fluctuations allowing a stable controlled flow through the treatment process. The nature of a large buffer tank reduces the need to constantly pH correct when the incoming effluent is acidic/caustic. The mixture of the two extremes neutralise  the effluent or need  slight correction to the required  treatment   pH.
Approx. 48m³ 

Emergency Storage Tank

The purpose of the emergency storage tank is to provide bulk storage facility should the effluent passing through the treatment plant not meet the required specification. The non-conforming effluent can then be re-processed through the plant or tankered off site.
Approx. 9m³ 

Three Stage Treatment Tanks - Floculant, Neutralisation, Coagulant

The three-stage treatment tank is constructed from Stainless Steel with internal division baffle plates. Each section is fitted with a pressed channel that supports a mixer. The internal baffles encourage the flow of effluent through each section achieving retention time allowing the chemistry time to work.

The treatment tank is also fitted with three pH controllers & acid/caustic dosing points. The pH of the effluent is adjusted to a specific pH as it passes through each stage of the tank. The pH equipment fitted are self-cleaning, this is involves a small internal compressor producing a timed air blast across the submerged electrode clearing any built up deposits.


The clarifier accepts flocculated effluent & by the design of lamella plates allows particulate free effluent to flow out the top discharge whilst the heavier particles  sink to the bottom  of the unit   forming sludge. The settled sludge is periodically drawn off into a collection tank located below the clarifier.

Trent Filtration Filter Press

The collected sludge is pumped through a filter press; this operation de-waters the sludge forming a filter cake in the cavities within the press. When the press is full the filter plate assembly is opened allowing the filter cake to deposit into a suitable collection skip for disposal
Qty 41 - Polypro plates 470 x 470 mm S/N546

Complete with steel structure house - 6 x 3 x 6mt high

3000 x 900 x 1080 mm 

V-Notch Discharge

Clean effluent from the clarifier flows through the v-notch tank before flowing to the authorities drainage system. The v-notch tank provides a monitoring facility to check pH, turbidity, and conductivity  prior  to  flow measurement  & totalising  of discharge.
Dismantled for the convenience of sale 

 Air Diaphragm Pumps - Qty unkown

Non-metallic polypropylene air diaphragm pumps with santoprene diaphragms have been selected for this project to cope with effluent compatibility issues where applicable.


Lamella Separator SK 40 / 40 /1,9 K

- Heavy steel construction
- Inside coated with epoxid coating
outside primary coated and painted
- Lamellas of PP (polypropylene) 

Technical data:
Length of lamellas: 1500mm
Lamella distance: 40mm
Clarification surface: 40m² 
Content about: 11m³
Sludge content about: 1.9m³
Empty weight: 3,000Kg 

Lamella Separator SK 30 / 40 /1,9 K - YEAR 2012

- Heavy steel construction
- Inside coated with epoxid coating
outside primary coated and painted
- Lamellas of PP (polypropylene) 

Technical data:
Length of lamellas: 1500mm
Lamella distance: 40mm
Clarification surface: 30m² 
Content about: 9m³
Sludge content about: 1.9m³
Empty weight: 2,500Kg 



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Additional files

Effluent treatment plant further detail

Effluent treatment plant Layout

Lamella separator Tank

Photographs taken prior refurbishment. Our refurbishment service is not available on all machines.