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Nordson Versa-Spray II Powder Coating Station

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Versa-spray II
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1st Class paint application system
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
800 x 950 x 1100mm


Nordson Versa Spray II manual powder coating gun station

The Versa Spray powder coating station is a tried and tested workhorse for general powder coating applications.

The portable unit is complete with all the components required to preform excellent spray results across a wide range of components and with the comprehensive range of accessories available even complex spray patterns and those awkward to reach jobs can be achieved with ease. 

The system comprises a mobile trolley with inbuilt powder box storage facility with vibratory base to ensure an even feed of powder to the gun is maintained, Versa spray generator, Versa Spray powder application gun and an external powder storage hopper.

The Versa-Spray control unit supplies low-voltage dc power to the voltage multiplier housed in the spray gun’s extension and body. The multiplier generates the high electrostatic voltage needed for powder coating.

The voltage generates a high-strength electrostatic field between the spray gun and the grounded part in front of the spray gun. The electrostatic field produces a corona discharge around the electrode. A resistor in the spray gun between the multiplier and the electrode limits the current output to safe levels.

Compressed air pumps the powder from the feed hopper, conveys it through the feed hose to the spray gun, and propels it toward the workpiece. As the powder particles are sprayed through the corona, they pick up an electrostatic charge and are attracted to the workpiece.

The spray pattern is controlled by the shape of the nozzle used, the speed of the powder-conveying air as it exits the nozzle, and the electrostatic field generated between the electrode and the grounded workpiece.

There are no controls on the spray gun except the trigger. The voltage controls and the powder pump flow rate and atomizing air pressure regulators are housed in the IPS control unit. A non-adjustable restrictor on the control unit rear panel controls the gun air pressure. The pump and gun air start flowing when the trigger is pulled.

Supply information:  220/240v 50Hz 1ph 0.2A 0.022kw.

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