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Hi-Line Industries FD59 Refrigeration Air Dryer

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Hi-Line Industries
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Low energy air dryer
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
500 x 720 x 600


The ‘Arctic Energy’ range from Hi-line

The refrigerant Air Dryer range from Hi-line has been designed with reliability at the forefront.

By using the latest technologies and energy efficient heat exchangers, this results in excellent drying performances whilst using the lowest possible energy consumption.

The digital controller only runs the dryer compressor when the dewpoint demands cooling, through the whole dryer, clean, dry compressed air is always delivered.

Principle of Operation

Wet air enters into the dryer and passes through the heat exchanger. The warm wet air entering the dryer is cooled down by the outgoing cold and dried air which reduces load on the refrigerant compressor, saving energy costs.

Next the compressed air passes through the air to refrigerant heat exchanger which cools the air temperature to the pre-set dewpoint.

This is set at +2C, water in the air at this stage condenses and turns into water droplets. This condensate is removed automatically by the autodrain as bulk water. 

Finally, the cool and dry air is reheated by thermally mixing it with the incoming air which also reduces its relative humidity (water-loading), thus preventing pipework corrosion and annoying condensation on downstream pipework.


Model FD59

CFM 59

m3/min 1.67

Connections 1”

Voltage 230/1/50-60

Refrigerant R407c

Max pressure 13bar

General Information

• Operating pressure range: 2 to 16 barg

• Maximum inlet air temperature: 55°C

• Ambient temperature range: 0°C to 43°C (47°C option)

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