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Airidus TX082A-1 Fume Extraction Unit

Stock No
TX082A-1 Fume Extraction Unit
New or Used
Used (Second Hand)
Approx Duty CFM / M³/Hr
 350 / 550
Filter Area ft² / m²
Varies dependant on type of filters
Other Info
 Local process fume extractor
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
360 x 350 x 540


Airidus have developed a revolutionary and unique approach to protecting workers from hazardous fumes by introducing total monitoring of air and purificationreleased into the workplace and environment.


  • Auto blocked filter warning 
  • LED display (At a glance condition)
  • Pressure Differential Leak control
  • High capacity gas filter cartridge ensures a long dwell-time of the gases inside the filter media -
  • Large, pleated pre-filter 
  • Casters as standard 
  • Minimum operating noise 
  • Provides air flow for two exhaust fixtures -
  • The unit features an air inlet flange suitable for the connection of exhaust arms or cabinets

Particulate Filters

Smoke particles can be removed with a particulate filter. All particulate filters are graded under a Eurovent Standard (EU). The higher the EU, the greater the efficiency of the filter.

Chemical/Gas Filters

Gases and vapors must be absorbed by chemical filters, which are usually carbon based. Pure carbon will only remove certain gases, however, formaldehyde (as found in a typical solder fume) will pass straight through unless the filter is specially impregna ted. All Airidus chemical filters are guaranteed to purify a high percentage of chemicals and solvents found within the electronics industry. Manufacturers' MSDS safety sheets should be consulted if in doubt.

Airidus offer a wide range of solutions for extraction and purification of fumes. Selection of the correct method is dependant upon the application as well as operator preference. In some cases, for better versatility, it may be necessary to use a mix of extraction methods. 

Extraction methods

Tip Extraction

Tip Extraction for hand soldering in applications such as PCB Assembly, Tip Extraction is the most effective and economical solution. This method allows continuous removal of fumes from the iron while in use or at rest. Systems are available for light to heavy hand soldering. (See 'T' Series datasheet).

Arm Extraction

Arm Extraction Image For larger fume creating processes such as adhesive application, solder pots or heavy soldering, flexi or articulating arms of varying diameters are recommended. A wide range of nozzles are available for various applications. (See 'V Series' and 'Arm and Cabinet' datasheet).

Bench Top Plenum Extraction

Plenum Image Plenum extraction provides an effective alternative to arm extraction offering a wide capture area. Plenums require relatively high volumes of air flow at low pressures to be effective therefore they can only be used with the 'V Series' range of extraction and purification systems. (See 'V Series' and 'Arm and Cabinet' datasheet).

Cabinet Extraction

Fume Extraction Cabinet Image Self-powered fume extraction cabinets offer the perfect solution for applications such as conformal coating, adhesives, mixing resins and solder pots. Fume cabinets capture all fumes within an enclosed environment. (See 'Arm and Cabinet' datasheet). 

Process Fume Extraction

Reflow Oven Image Airidus offer a wide range of high volume extraction products for larger applications: i.e., IR ovens, Wave solder machines, PCB cleaners, etc. As every application differs, consultation will be required to determine the correct system design. Installation of these systems can be provided depending on location.



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