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Bonetti BTV 330 Open Ended Barrel

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BTV 330
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Used (Second Hand)
Open Ended Barrel Rumblers
Other Info
Large capacity barreling unit
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
1010 x 2180 x 1660mm


Bonetti large capacity barrel finishing system 

Barrel finishing, also known as barrel tumbling, is a surface improving operation in which a mixture of parts, media and compounds are placed in an eight-sided barrel and rotated at a predetermined speed for the purpose of rounding corners, deburring, grinding, descaling, deflashing, improving surface finish, burnishing, polishing and radiusing parts in bulk. It works by tumbling parts in a rotating barrel, thus creating friction by tumbling parts against each other and against other materials, such as media and compounds.

Another potential use of the BTV 330 is for mechanical plating. Mechanical plating requires a large tulip shaped bowl such as this to achieve the desired effect. (see below)

Barrel Polishing and Finishing

Small and sometimes delicate items such as buttons, spectacle frames, turned engineering parts, costume jewellery, diecastings, plastic toys, electrical fittings and stainless pressings often require a gentler approach to polishing and deburring to ensure both a perfect finish and integrity of product.

In these instances we recommend a finishing process known as barreling, where a gentler action (in contrast to conventional buffing) is needed to avoid damage or deformation.

Octagonal barrels, rotated to produce a tumbling action. The movement created by this action allows the media (wood or plastic chips coated in fine abrasive) to slide in intimate contact with the components and thereby produce a polished surface.

Tumbling benefits

  • Parts can be finished less expensively than by hand.
  • Many parts can be processed at one time.
  • Requires very little handling.
  • Parts are tougher and stronger after tumbling.
  • Tumbling provides a certain amount of stress relief.
  • Forgings and castings can be blended.
  • Machine parts and stampings can be deburred and burnished to a high finish.
  • On long runs, the systems can run overnight.
  • Careful and proper machining of your parts will save tumbling time.

Automatic tilting tumblers 

These units can be used to machine the surface of metal parts in Zn+Al+Mg alloys, brass, aluminum, steel, stainless steel and plastic. The machining is carried out by means of a rotary movement within a biconical octagonal container (barrel- or bell-shaped tank). The combined action resulting from the rotation and use of abrasive inserts (in plastic, urea, wood and sawdust) enables to burr, polish and smooth the surface of the parts being machined. These machines are particularly suitable to handle small parts with rounded shapes.

Notes on mechanical plating

Mechanical plating is an effective means of applying zinc, tin, or other ductile metals or mixtures of ductile metals to metal substrates - usually steel. In the mechanical plating process, impact energy is transferred from the rotating open - ended oblique barrel through glass beads, resulting in the cold - welding of fine metal dust particles to the substrate. 

The resulting deposit is slightly porous, matte in finish, and provides corrosion protection to the articles so plated without introducing hydrogen embrittlement into the part. It is therefore used widely to provide corrosion protection to high - strength fasteners, particularly those above about Rockwell C 40.

Features include: 

• Dual speed drive motor
• Process water feeding from the rotary valve at the rear of the unit. 
• Powered drum tilting (up and down). 
• Safety limit switch device fitted to the guarding for operator safety  

Technical details of the BTV 330

Drum capacity (lt.): 330  
Max. capacity (Kg): 40-50  
Drum speed (RPM): 27- 40 
Rotation motor power (Kw):  2,2  
Tiping motor power (Kw):  0,55 
Barrel dimensions (mm):  Ø745 x 1130mm // opening - Ø430mm

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Photographs taken prior refurbishment. Our refurbishment service is not available on all machines.