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Airtech Genie Single Module Powder Booth

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Year of Manufacture
2012 / 13
New or Used
Used (Second Hand)
Other Info
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
1500 mm x 2350 mm x 2400 mm


Riley 'AirTech' Powder Spray Booths with, self cleaning System.

The Riley AirTech powder paint and extraction booth combines two functions in one integrated module. It comprises a spray canopy designed for the application of dry powder paints attached to an extraction and cleaning module with hopper recovery.

Riley 'AirTech' Genie

The total system provides a safe, clean and efficient working environment without the need for external dust extraction systems. It can also be adapted to other dry coating and surface finishing applications, such as deburring and shot blasting.

Single module AirTech Spray Booth

Riley AirTech powder booths are available in both single and double module sizes. They can be grouped up to 4 units in width and can also be customized to larger sizes when required.

Air is drawn in evenly across the face area and towards the filter section in the back of the enclosure. Overspray powder is drawn towards the filters, where reverse pulse cleaning removes the powders on demand.

Single or twin module pulse air receivers are located at the back of the spray booth to extract the waste powder and clean the filters.

An inverter variable speed fan drive system reduces pressure across the filters at the moment of pulse cleaning to maximise the recovery of the powders from the filters to the collection hoppers.

Fitted with a large sound attenuator for a pleasant work environment.

There are separate control systems for the spray booth and air pulse system. They are both safe and easy to operate and maintain.

The entire spray booth and extraction assembly is self-contained and can be transported in one piece making it simple to install.

With the high arrestance efficiency of the filter cartridges the cleaned air can be returned safely and directly back into the room and as such requires no additional ducting or holes to be cut in the buildings walls or roof.

This saves costs on both the installation and the heat energy saved over conventional ducted systems.

The collection bucket at the base of the unit has also been designed to accept the standard Euro powder paint boxes, meaning whilst using single colours the powder paint can be reclaimed in the bucket and reintroduced into virgin powders for reuse.

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