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York YCASO453SB50YF Millenium Chiller Unit

Lot ID
Millennium YCAS453-F
Year of Manufacture
0103 J99
Ave. cooling capacity
424kW @ 7°c cwlt
Other Info
Ex Jaguar Land Rover
Collective Auction
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
4499 x 2321 x 2438mm


This second hand York Millennium YCAS air cooled rotary compressor chiller is designed for water or water- glycol cooling with twin helical semi-hermetic compressor refrigerant circuit model.

The chiller is an outdoor suited air cooled process water chiller. The unit produces highly regulated chilled water through it matching design of twin semi hermetic screw compressors, 6 x axial flow cooling fans, copper and aluminium condenser coiling coils, and evaporative shell and tube heat exchange.

York industrial air cooled liquid chiller with a nominal cooling capacity of 424kW @ 7°c cwlt in an ambient temperature of 35°c.

Millennium micro processor based control with programmable digital display. Dual circuit control.

Technical specifications

Refrigerant gas R407C
Dual Millennium system compressors
201ltr evaporator
6 x Roof mounted condenser fan motors.
Compressor FLA 2 x 140
Codensor fans FLA 18.6
Overall dimensions 4499 x 2321 x 2438mm high
Weight 4217kg

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